Product Liability

Product Failure Can Be Catastrophic

Each and every time you purchase a product, it comes with the implication of certain protections from the company, which is supposed to carefully test each design before putting it on the market. When this testing isn’t completed carefully or a product is simply defective, catastrophic injuries can occur, which can lead to a product liability case. If you have been injured by a defective product, then let the industry leading attorneys at Loucas Law work with you to resolve your case. Our experienced team has the background and knowledge to help you get the settlement that you deserve.


Causes of Product Injuries

There are many sources of product injuries. The expert product liability attorneys at Loucas Law have seen cases that include the following situations:

  • The failure of an automobile or automotive product
  • Foods that are tainted
  • Medicines or medical devices improperly used, causing catastrophic injury, overdose or wrongful death
  • Products designed for infants and children, such as swings, that malfunction and cause devastating injuries
  • Defective firearms that explode instead of firing correctly
  • ATVs that cause drowning or near-drowning injuries
  • Watercraft issues that include capsizing and personal injuries
  • Poorly designed trampolines used by children that cause concussions or broken bones
  • Toys that pose a choking or other hazard

When products such as the ones listed above cause a member of your family injury or death, the manufacturer or another party may be liable for damages. If you have suffered an injury, the loss of a loved one or property damage because of a defective product, the attorneys of Loucas Law can help you assess any claim and determine whom should be held responsible.


Our Comprehensive Product Liability Approach

During the evaluation and preparation of your case, our team of attorneys will take a thorough look at the product, the individual incident and the results of the injury over the long term. We will utilize nationally recognized industry experts to help provide information in regards to the defective nature of the product. Our team of skilled product liability attorneys, with the help of founding partner George Loucas, an attorney who is also a pharmacist, will evaluate the incident and the medical disposition of the case.

With this information, we will work to achieve a settlement that gives you and your family access to compensation that can take care of medical bills, wages lost, pain and suffering, property restoration, lifestyle changes including a diminished earning capacity, and even funeral expenses. Whether this is achieved in the negotiating room or the courtroom, our team of legal professionals is ready to serve you. Our approach has provided our clients with some of the highest settlements in the region, giving them confidence in facing their future and in dealing with their ongoing medical requirements.

You can get the support you need with a product liability case from the experts at Loucas Law. Call us today for more information on our product liability defense services and learn how we can help you to resolve your situation and prepare for the future.