Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death Litigation That Gets Results

Suffering through the death of a loved one can be a time of tragedy and loss. If your loved one died because someone else has been negligent, then the tragedy is even more painful for friends and family members.  Our staff is trained in “White Glove Treatment” from the moment you call Loucas Law.  We understand the family who’s loved one has died is already grieving and not sure what to do next.  Our staff will provide the legal care and sensitivity required.  When you are looking for answers, a wrongful death claim may provide you with investigation closure and the potential monetary reward that can make your loved one’s death less painful in the long term and help you to get the answers that you need.


Finding Resolution

At Loucas Law, we offer expert catastrophic injury litigation by our wrongful death attorneys that is thoroughly planned and comprehensive in nature. Our long-standing relationships with experts in the fields of medicine, transportation and a wide variety of industries mean that we have access to some of the most highly regarded case evaluators in the nation. With a caring, professional attitude, we will treat your claim as if it is our own. In addition, if your case involves any type of medication error, our founding attorney, George Loucas, is not only a highly-regarded attorney in the region, but is also a pharmacist who has the pharmaceutical knowledge to understand how medications can impact a wrongful death suit.

Wrongful Death Practice Areas

What Constitutes a Wrongful Death?

Generally speaking, wrongful death cases are brought as a result of negligence in operating a motor vehicle, an experience with a product malfunction or an error in a hospital or nursing home. These issues may include a wide variety of situations, including:

  • A misdiagnosis in the emergency room, leading to the incorrect treatment or issues with anesthesia. These are commonly elder law issues that have to do with poor pharmaceutical knowledge.
  • Wrongful death from a product. Product liability can be due to items that fail and cause a catastrophic injury to the person using the item or people who are nearby.
  • Transportation accidents. Trucks and cars can cause a wrongful death due to defective automobile products or workers who do not conform to trucking regulations or have substance abuse issues.

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