John W. Burnett

John W. Burnett is an attorney at Loucas Law.

Mr. Burnett began his legal career as a Marine Judge Advocate.  He spent the majority of his active duty years as a criminal defense attorney attached to the 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, California.  In the very first case assigned to him, instead of negotiating a plea agreement, he took the case to trial, obtaining a “not guilty” verdict from a Marine jury for a Gunnery Sergeant accused of illegal drug use.  Within a short period of time, Mr. Burnett began to handle the most serious cases at Camp Pendleton, including a national security case for which he needed to obtain a top secret security clearance before he could even speak with his client about the charges.  He left active duty holding the rank of Captain and attained the rank of Major during his service as a reservist.  

Following his time as an active-duty Marine officer, Mr. Burnett began to handle personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful death cases.  He has worked on “both sides of the fence”, representing doctors and corporations accused of negligence resulting in catastrophic injury and wrongful death, as well as plaintiffs for these same types of claims.  A skilled trial advocate, Mr. Burnett has taken 46 cases to verdict.  He has obtained a number of verdicts in excess of 1 million dollars.

Mr. Burnett is active in the Cleveland veteran’s community, participating in Project Healing Waters events as well as providing pro bono legal representation to veterans.


Mr. Burnett is a cum laude graduate of Knox College.  He earned his law degree from the Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

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